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It’s no secret that fashion trends do come and go. What is great this year, or even this decade, may be out the next, but never fear! Your favorite fashion trends will be seen again and again. What you are wearing today, your granddaughter may be wearing someday. Or you may be wearing them again yourself. Whatever your lifestyle, it is great to choose clothing that lets you express your inner fashionista!

Although I am aware of the fashion police and most of the rules of fashion, I still love to put my own personal spin on what I wear. “You are what you wear” is a statement that we have all heard, and yet I have never really gotten the point. You are what you eat…now that makes sense! That is all about healthy eating and your body’s positive responses.

Do I understand what is meant by “you are what you wear?” Of course I do! And of course we have to follow the rules at school, work, or any functions we attend. That’s just good sense. But do your clothes actually transform you into a different person? I guess I would have to say that clothes can make you feel differently about yourself. It does feel good to wear a great outfit, have your hair done, and enhance your looks with a little makeup. So that brings us back to my point!

Wear what makes you feel good about you!

Ripped Jeans

I have loved ripped jeans my entire life. My mom did not, and since we had little money to spend on clothes, she would put cute patches over the inevitable holes made by an active little girl, and I though that was cool.

Then came the ripped jeans craze. First, it was meant to be a sign of not needing material things, that one pair of worn out jeans was all a person needed. These would have been the hippies of the 70’s with their naturally tattered and holy jeans. Guess what? I have my own post 70’s fitted bell bottoms that have natural rips from years spent playing outside with my kids!

I got them out of my drawer the other day, and voila! My post baby weight has melted away, and they fit perfectly! The rips are memories made with my kids, and I love them! Without any shame, those jeans are in my weekly fashion array. Whether anyone else likes them or not, they are often a conversation starter about the joys of raising kids!

Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

Since I love wearing my faded ripped denim jeans so much, I decided I needed a dressier pair, haha. I live a casual lifestyle, so jeans are my daily go to. Ok, I do have some nicer clothes just in case I need them, but my everyday workplace doesn’t require business attire.

Anyway, I was searching for some black ripped skinny jeans that I could dress up with a nice jacket and a pair of boots, and I happened upon my favorite clothing store, Free People. I like it so much that I can’t search safari without ads popping up. I try not to click (emphasis on try – you know I click), because I can get lost looking at the things I love.

The gorgeous, high fashion girl who came over to help me when I entered the store, had on the coolest ripped boyfriends jeans and sweater that I had ever seen. Like I considered ripping them off of her and running, but once I came to my senses, I decided to politely compliment her on them.

Guess what? The whole outfit had been in her mom’s closet since the 80’s! Just saying! The jeans fit with the perfect boyfriend jeans look and the rips were the absolute coolest! She had ripped them herself! When she told me how to make ripped jeans the way she had done it, my head almost popped off. She had simply use a Dremel to create rips, just where she wanted them.

That girl not only taught me a great life hack, she also saved me some serious bucks! I went home, got the Dremel out of the garage, dug out my black skinny jeans, and voila! I now have the perfect pair of ripped skinny jeans with my own stamp of fashion!

Have fun creating your favorite fashion looks!

Happy beautiful life!


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