fitness, nutrition, makeup tutorialsImproving your fitness and nutrition is the key step to amping up your overall health! Nourish your body and mind with proper nutrition and fitness, and become the very best version of yourself! A strong and healthy body is a beautiful body!

11 Fitness and Nutrition Essentials


Great news! We’ve got fitness and nutrition ideas designed to inspire you to reach your personal goals! Whether you are a newbie, or already kickin’ it, now is the time take it up a notch. We are here to encourage you to empower yourself by testing your limits and increasing your strength so that you can fully pursue your dreams and passions! Never hold yourself back from becoming the best version of you! You can do it!


Did you know that nutrition plays a bigger role in your health than exercise? We are all aware that exercise drastically improves our health markers, but proper nutrition is a must for a strong and healthy body. Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Some of us really enjoy the dynamics of healthy eating and are willing to spend time and money for clean foods. We are the ones that drive everyone else crazy with our green smoothies and our proper food combining. You don’t have to be as fanatical as we are, but if you really want awesome results from your hard core workouts, then eating the right way is the ticket. That means eliminating junk and increasing nutritious whole foods. You need the right balance of fats, proteins, and carbs. We know that it takes tons of time and research to find the right eating plan for your body, so we have done the work for you! Our goal is to make your life easier by providing you with information that you can trust. Check out our recipes for delicious healthy meals. Get up and get going! You will love the results!


One of the best ways to get your 7 to 9 servings of fruits and veggies and to really make some gains on your fitness and nutrition needs is to juice. Did you know that you would have to eat 8 pounds of spinach, or a dozen apples, or 10 whole carrots to get the nutrition you will find in a delicious, freshly cold pressed glass of juice? You can pack in the nutritional benefits of super green foods like kale and spinach, along with some berry powerhouses and other fruits and vegetables. Think all of the colors of the rainbow when you are creating your daily juice. We have recipes to tickle your tastebuds and you can take your health to another level. Take a long sip of that deliciousness, and taste the goodness of the fruits and veggies as they flood your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for vibrant health. You will feel the energy begin to course through your veins and you will be ready to take on your day!


Smoothies can pack a huge nutritional punch that will have you feeling fabulous and full of spunk. We are not talking sugary concoctions, but healthy green smoothies and fruit smoothies that contain lots of fresh fruits and veggies that are packed with the vitamins and minerals that your body needs for optimum health and energy. Your morning smoothie can contain a variety of greens, fruits, nuts, and seeds, giving you a great jump start to your daily nutritional needs. Punch up that smoothie and throw in some protein, and you are good to go! Check out our recipes that will help you shake things up! Satisfaction guaranteed! These are an important part of pursuing your best fitness and nutrition for your life. Ready, set, go!


We are not talking about crazy fad diets that make empty promises and can actually harm your body. We are talking lifestyle changes that fit your particular body type and you will fulfill your body’s fitness and nutrition needs. Your body is busy, and it needs foods that are packed with right nutrients to help it stay strong and healthy, while supporting your busy life. You’ve got to fuel it up the right way for optimum results. You wouldn’t pump junk into your gas tank and expect your car to run well. Think fuel when you think food. Give your body what it needs and it will serve you well! We are her to help make eating right  a lot easier by giving you a plan to fit your life! Success!


Relax. Breathe. Peace. Calm. Be in the moment. When life gets hectic and you find yourself feeling stressed, it is time to slow down and take some time to focus on the here and now. Stress is hard on your body, mind, and spirit. We are here to help you deal with stress and eliminate its harmful effects. Yoga is one of the tools that can make a huge difference in the way you handle the things that life throws at you. Focusing on your blessings and approaching your life with a calm and positive attitude will change everything for the better. Leaving stress behind will help you go from good to great!


It’s time to amp it up! There are gains to be made and goals to be reached. Get excited! Find your motivation and let’s get rolling on creating your fitness and nutrition plan! We will be continually adding the newest and best approaches to making the most of your gym time. If you are going to work that beautiful body, it only make sense to get the most out of each and every session! Workouts that deliver results! That’s what we’re talking about!

Weight Loss

It’s important to keep your body at a healthy weight and we are here to help with some no nonsense coaching that will safely and naturally help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals. No fad diets, pills, or starvation. Just a scientifically backed plan from our own certified fitness nutrition coach! No instant results, but you will see steady fat loss and muscle gain that will change your body from the inside out. We are all about being fit and healthy, and just like anything worth having, it takes time and hard work. The payoff is amazing, so get up and get going! You are stronger than you think!

Martial Arts

Our fitness and nutrition coach is a second degree blackbelt in martial arts, and boy, is she strong and fit! Strength is beauty, and it empowers you in countless ways. We are not talking about a kick boxing exercise class here; we are talking traditional style martial arts! It’s all about discipline, self control, and respect, and it will take your fitness to a whole new level. Your confidence will soar and your body will rock!

Natural Remedies

We believe in prevention through nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and wise choices. Most diseases can be prevented if you help your body by providing it with everything it needs to function on all systems. Your kitchen can be stocked with everything you need give your body the support it needs from the inside out. We are talking everything for your body from the inside out. Yummy magic concoctions for your health and all natural, homemade lotion and potions for beautiful, radiant skin. Great results that are good for you! That’s a win!


We are talking the best greens powders, cleanest protein powders, probiotics, and any vitamins that you may lacking. We are not talking weight loss pills, stimulants, or any other supplement that can harm your health. Don’t take any of those kinds of supplements. We do extensive research and try everything ourselves before telling you about them. We prefer that we all get everything we need from whole foods, but sometimes our bodies need a little extra support. Always talk to your doctor before starting any new supplement to be sure it is safe for you!

Get your favorite cup or tea or coffee and come hang out with us while we learn the best approaches to having the strongest, most resilient bodies we can build! Fitness and nutrition for endless energy to live life to the fullest!!

Happy beautiful life!!!


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