makeup, makeup tutorialsMakeup is a way for every girl to express her creativity, show her confidence, and let her inner beauty shine through! Here are the top 16 must-have essentials that every girl needs to know about makeup!

Top 16 Makeup Essentials

Makeup Tutorials

Makeup lovers, unite! If you want to perfect your daily makeup routine, learn to create a flawless cat eye liner, or get the down-low on all kinds of tips and ideas from girls who really know their stuff, makeup tutorials are your new go-to! Watching these tutorials is like having a personal makeup artist showing you all the tricks of the trade, and all for free! If you want to learn more about applying makeup like a pro, you don’t have to pay the big bucks for cosmetology school or hire a makeup artist anymore; simply log on to your laptop and enjoy having the world of makeup at your fingertips. :) Thank you, YouTube!

Makeup Tips

The smallest makeup tips can have the biggest impact on your overall look! Whether it’s a little tip like using a business card to make sure your mascara wand grabs onto ever single lash, or drawing a tricky eyeliner shape with eyeshadow first before tracing it with your favorite liquid liner, makeup tips can really save the day! Avoid mishaps, get better blending, and find easy time-savers to achieve a pretty look in a pinch with makeup tips! Whatever it may be, always remember to look for those small pieces of advice from beauty bloggers, expert artists, and even your friends! You never know which tip might take your entire look to the next level. :)

Natural Makeup

Every girl should have a natural makeup look in her arsenal! Pretty, subtle, and sophisticated, natural makeup will give you that feeling of empowerment that makeup can provide, while still letting your natural beauty shine through! Wearing simple and clean natural look shows the world that you are cool and confident. Appear allusive, poised, and confident with barely-there makeup, while maintaining the youthfulness of a fresh faced look. You are truly beautiful!

Organic Makeup

Did you know that your skin is your body’s largest organ? Applying products containing harsh chemicals, parabens, and other nasty ingredients can be harmful not only to the look of your skin over time, but also to your health and wellbeing! When you’re trying to maintain a fit and healthy body, what goes on your skin matters, because it is absorbed into your bloodstream. I definitely don’t mean for you to toss everything you just bought on your last trip to Sephora (gasp!) What I would suggest is that you begin by trying one new organic product at a time. Perhaps you could try an all natural foundation since that will cover a larger portion of your skin, and see if you like the results. Then, as you use up your current haul, maybe you could begin moving toward organic products that are better for your skin, your health, and for the earth. That’s a win!

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup can be a great natural choice for healthy skin and body too! Minerals are great for sensitive skin since they are usually made from natural ingredients. You won’t find any of those harsh and harmful chemicals here either, so you won’t have to worry about hurting your body by wearing them. The beautiful matte finish is great for staying power, even if you are hot and sweaty. That’s great for my humid environment! You can even create beautiful highlights on the tops of your cheekbones and the inner corners of your eyes by dabbing a bit of the shimmery powder to those areas with your fluffy eye shadow brush. A beautiful, long-lasting finished look will be yours in a flash!

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can dramatically change the way you look or can simply and almost imperceptibly enhance your natural beauty. Depending on you mood and your time frame, you can go from a sweep of a natural eyeshadow color and a quick coating of mascara, to a complicated and spellbinding winged eyeliner or a beautifully blended smoky eye. Anything is possible with a little imagination and practice. You get to use your creative juices to frame those beautiful windows to your soul. The sky is the limit!


Knowing your makeup is a must! If you are a beauty beginner, you might be feeling overwhelmed at first with all of the options out there. Don’t worry. Before you know it you will find your inner artist, and with the help of some of our favorite makeup tutorials, you will be mastering the looks you love. Your beautiful face decorated any way you like!

Makeup Forever

Who can walk past one of these magnificent stores without succumbing to that magnetic tug that pulls you in, every single time? However you approach it, whether you surf online, swing by the Makeup Forever counter JC Penney, or have an actual location near you, we all know your wallet jumps out of your bag while you swoon, just a little.;) This is definitely one of my favorite beauty brands, with its intense colors and velvety smooth finishes. Why do I love it? Because it’s awesome!!

Mac Makeup

Of course Mac Makeup is on our list! Who can resist a makeover by one of the in-house artists? It’s free and it’s fun! Who can walk away without a Paint Pot to make your eyeshadow stay perfect for hours? Let’s talk about Mac lipstick! Have you tried Soar? It’s the prettiest color ever! The eyeshadow palettes are amazing, and a girl can spend hours putting together her favorite colors. Mac’s natural contouring powder is my all time favorite, and I simply can’t resist Mac pigments! It’s time to play makeup!

How to Apply Makeup

The beauty question to end all questions: how DO you apply makeup!??  Blending is one of the best quick  tips I can give you. Always take a blending brush after your have applied your favorite products and blend away until you have no harsh lines or obvious strokes. Your makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, so you don’t want to look fake or harsh. Buy quality brushes and a good concealer and take the time to learn how to use them by watching and practicing along with our awesome tutorials! Before you know it, you will be applying your own makeup like a pro!

Makeup Brushes

For flawless makeup application with a professional finish, you really need to invest in a good set of makeup brushes. Even the most expensive product out there won’t go on as smoothly as it should without the right brushes. A chef can’t bake the perfect cake without the right ingredients and the musician can’t create beautiful music without the right instruments. The same goes for the makeup artist. Without good brushes, the product just won’t go on with the softness that it should. Guess we can safely say that the brushes have it!

Makeup Brands

There are so many makeup brands out there that it’s hard to keep up! We love something about all of them, from the luxury brands like Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, and MAC, to the drugstore brands, like Revlon, L’oreal , and Cover Girl. The list is endless! So many options for creating the looks we love! A makeup store is like a kid in a candy shop for girls, so choose your favorites from all of the  brands, and have fun playing up your features!

Makeup Bags

And where will you stash all of your beautiful fluffy brushes and product stash?? In your super cute organized makeup bag of course! Taking care of your brushes is important so that they don’t become frayed, damaged, or contaminated with acne causing germs. Yuck! If your makeup bag is an unorganized mess, not only can your products get lost or broken, it is frustrating to dig and dig for stuff. Make your morning routine simple by finding a makeup bag that suits your needs. Choose one that shows a flare of your personality, and rock that look of the day!

Contour Makeup

Contour makeup is trending in a big way. You can add depth to emphasize your cheekbones, create a stronger jaw line, deepen the dimensions of your eyes, slim and shape your nose, and even change the shape of your face. Hone your skills! It doesn’t have to be extreme. Don’t sweat it! Just kick back, click on one of our contouring tutorials, and learn the art of light and shadows to bring out all of the beauty in your gorgeous face!

Best Drugstore Makeup

Some of the best drugstore makeup products out there include mascara, lip gloss, lip liners, brow pencils, and basically anything with a short shelf life. Or maybe that edgy new color you have been wanting to try. Buying a cheaper makeup brand gives you the option to try new things without breaking the bank. You can’t always buy every item from the luxury brands. Use you smarts and buy less expensive drugstore versions of your favorites and save your hard earned cash for buying those particular luxury items that you just can’t live without! :)

Eyebrow Makeup

Let’s talk about eyebrows!!! Let’s face it. Girls everywhere are becoming obsessed with creating the perfect aches. After all, eyebrows frame the face and your eyebrow look can say a lot about your personality. Want to look young and fresh? Go for a thicker, straighter brow. Wanting to look a bit more sophisticated, try a more arched brow that says you have it all under control. Look for eyebrow powders, gels, pencils, and waxes. Of course, you need a great pair of grooming scissors, an eyebrow brush, and your tweezers to be sure that those brows are free of unwanted strays. Since your eyebrows can make a statement on their own, you can do your eyebrows, throw on a little concealer and lip gloss, and be out the door!

Have fun playing up your features, beauties!



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