skin care, makeup, makeup tutorialsEvery girl needs to create their own perfect skin care routine for that flawless fresh face. From organic skin care products, to proper diet for that healthy glow, to skin care technology, we’ve got you covered!

Top 20 Skin Care Essentials

Skin Care Products

Finding the best skin care products for your unique skin can be a challenge, but nailing down that perfect regimen is key to maintaining glowing, healthy skin for a lifetime! Here at, we will help you target your skin concerns, define the skin qualities you most wish to improve, and create and action plan to get that radiant skin you desire! :) Skin care products can range anywhere from toners and cleansers, to serums, to moisturizers and face masks. With a world of skin care products available for your choosing, it’s time to start building your ritual and experiencing your beautiful skin at its best!

Natural Skin Care

Natural skin care is quickly becoming more popular as people are beginning to realize the importance of steering clear of harmful chemicals and icky ingredients! When you opt for more natural skin care items, you are not only giving your skin what it needs, but also keeping your body free of the toxins that your skin can absorb from synthetic skin care products. It can be a big switch to make, but once you try swapping a few of your current faves out for their natural equivalents, you will find that your skin can still look luminous without all of those ingredients that you can’t pronounce! Your skin will glow and your body will thank you. :)

Organic Skin Care

You may eat organic produce already, so why not up your healthy efforts by making the switch to organic skin care products? Organic skin care products will not be laden with all those bad chemicals and parabens found in normal skin care products. When you trade out a regular skin care item for one that is certified organic, you can feel good about what you are putting onto your skin! The ingredients you apply to your skin will actually be absorbed directly into your bloodstream, so it is important to be picky when it comes to any products you apply directly onto the skin! Organic skin care can be anything from organic skin oils, to organic cleansers, organic nutrient rich moisturizers, and even organic toners. A lot of organic skin care can actually be found right in your kitchen! Products like organic coconut oil and organic apple cider vinegar can be multipurpose, so you can keep a container in your pantry and in your bathroom! Try out some organic skin care, and you’ll be getting in all of those essential vitamins and nutrients from the inside out, AND the outside in!

Korean Skin Care

It’s true, Koreans know how to do skin care right! The average Korean woman applies 8 to 9 products on her face daily. That’s some dedication! Korea is typically six months ahead of the curve on new trends, new products and routines, and what’s hot in the world of skin care. Due to traditional influence, Korean skin care also approaches skin care in a more holistic way, so a lot of their products are not only nourishing to the skin, but safe for the body. Some of our favorite skin care items popularized in Korea include sleeping packs, sheet masks, and cushion compacts! If you’re searching for an effective and luxurious skin care ritual, you’ll want to be sure to give Korean skin care a try!

Skin Care Routine

Needing to build a beneficial skin care routine, or amp up the one you currently follow? When it comes to taking care of your skin, consistency is key! Having a steady skin care routine will ensure that your skin does not go neglected, and that every issue is addressed on the daily. Wondering what products you need for your skin type, which ones address your particular skin concerns, or which brands actually do what they claim? We have got you covered. A good skin care routine is made up of at least 4 parts: a cleanser, a toner, a good serum, and a moisturizer. Of course, you don’t have to stop there! There are all kinds of goodies available to you for improving your skin texture, tone, and overall quality. From essences, to oils, exfoliates, and masks, the possibilities for your skin care routine are limitless! If it’s a little overwhelming, don’t stress! We have morning and evening routines for you, whatever your skin type. Having trouble with acne? We’ve got your back. Needing to brighten and even out your skin tone? Looking for ingredients for anti aging so you keep your youthful glow? No worries. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to!

Face Oils

Not new to the skin care scene, face oils are time-tested secret weapons that give your skin that extra boost of nourishment that it needs to really glow! Contrary to a popular misconception, applying the right kind of oils to your face will not cause it to break out, but rather deliver essential nutrients in high potency right to your skin. Face oils really come to the rescue for all kinds of skin issues, including dullness, dryness, dark spots, and yes, even breakouts! If you’re looking for a single product to add to your regimen that packs a lot of punch, a good skin oil may be your answer. Skin oils can be used as serums, moisturizers, and even as cleansers. Oil cleansers break down makeup and dirt like no other type of cleanser, and they won’t strip the skin of its natural oil or cause over-drying! Oils that can be applied like serums include oils like rose hip, which contains a natural form of vitamin A or retinol, and vitamin C oil, which are both vital nutrients for maintaining youthfulness, elasticity, and radiance! Thank goodness for the pure, natural, skin renewing wonders of skin oils!

Face Masks

Face masks are fun ways to give your skin a reboot! No matter what your skin is lacking, you can find a face mask that matches your specific needs! There are face masks designed for reducing wrinkles, fading dark spots, reducing pore size, minimizing and preventing breakouts, and promoting collagen production. Pretty much any skin problem or imperfection you can think of can be fixed or improved by applying a face mask! With so many types of face masks to choose from, your options are endless. There are cream masks, peeling masks, drying masks, clay masks, sheet masks, and even masks made to wear all night long while you sleep! Talk about efficiency! You can find masks made to fit the delicate eye area, blackhead removing masks for the nose area, and even lip masks. You may look a little silly with all these sticky masks on your face, but the skin you will reveal after even just a few uses of a high quality mask will absolutely amaze you! DIY masks can be a great option, especially if you are on a budget or are looking to go a bit more natural with what you apply onto your face, and they can make a super fun girls’ night in! Treat your friends to an at-home spa and make a crazy mask or two with some of our favorite homemade face mask recipes, or just chill out and unwind with a nice face mask and a soak in the tub. You deserve a little pampering, and so does your beautiful skin!


If you are a human with a face, you need a moisturizer!! Moisturizers help to lock in the hydration your skin needs to stay healthy, protected, and pretty. Think you don’t need one because you have naturally oily skin? Think again! Of course, some moisturizers can be a bit heavy for people with oily skin, but once you find that perfect weight of moisturizer for your particular skin type, you will notice huge improvements in texture, tone, and just overall look and feel of your skin. It can even help oily skin produce less oil, because your skin won’t be working in overdrive trying to keep hydrated! Obviously, people who suffer from dry skin can greatly benefit from applying a nice, rich moisturizer twice a day. No matter your skin type, finding a good moisturizer for night and daytime is a crucial step in perfecting your skin care routine, and your skin! You nightly moisturizer should be a bit richer, and can contain retinol for an extra dose of beauty while you sleep. In the morning, you should apply a lighter weight moisturizer that does not contain retinol, but instead contains and SPF of at least 35 for optimal sun protection. Moisturizers are key for maintaining smooth, soft, and supple skin!


Serums are like magic potions for your skin. Add a serum to your normal skin care routine and watch your skin transform within days! Skin serums come in many different forms, and are made for pretty much every issue you could imagine. Want to prevent premature wrinkles? You may want to add an anti-aging serum containing vitamin A or retinol! Looking to add a bit of life into dull skin? Try a brightening serum. Typically, when applying skin care products, you want to go in order of thickness, so after cleansing and toning is a good time to apply your serums. Dryer serums that absorb the most quickly should go on first, followed by heavier serums, such as a hydrating serum or an oil based serum. Lock in that extra goodness with your favorite moisturizer, and voila! Your skin will be set up for success. Don’t be afraid to branch out and find the perfect serums for your skin! Mixing and matching serums can be a fun way to customize your skin care regimen to fit your unique needs, and your skin will thank you for the extra love!

Eye Creams

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your body? It is also the only skin that does not produce its own oils! The skin around your eyes has to be treated a bit more carefully than the skin on the rest of your face, because it is extra delicate. The eye area is also one of the first places to show aging, so keeping it happy is essential if you want to prevent premature aging! Making sure you apply the correct products to the delicate eye are, and making sure that you apply them correctly without pulling and tugging can be that little extra thing that really shows up in the long run and keeps you looking young and fresh for years to come. Your eyes need just a little extra TLC, and remember, you’re never too young or too old to start properly caring for your eye area with a good quality eye cream!


Let’s be honest, cleansing your face is probably the absolute most important part of taking care of your skin! If you leave bacteria, dirt, and oils on your skin, you are asking for breakouts, premature wrinkles, and uneven texture. Basically, you are setting your skin up for failure! Washing your face with any old soap won’t cut it, either; you need a good quality cleanser that fits your skin type. If you have super dry skin, you will probably want to opt for an oil-based cleanser. Oily skin? Try a foaming cleanser! Combination skin? Try a gel or cream cleanser. Keep on trying different textures and types of cleansers until you find one that works best for you! You shouldn’t feel a tightness to your face after rinsing. If you do, your cleanser may be a bit too harsh. You do, however, want to make sure your cleanser is effective enough to get down deep into your pores and remove all traces of makeup, dirt, and sweat that finds its way in during the day! Cleansers should clear the skin of pollutants as well, and keep your skin smooth and free of excessive breakouts due to bacteria. Clean skin is happy skin!


Toners are important for correcting the pH balance of your skin. After washing your face, your cleanser may have left your skin either too acidic or too alkaline, so using your toner immediately after cleansing can promote proper pH levels and prepare the skin for your next products! Once your skin is prepped with a nice toner, it’s time to finish out your regimen. You’re already working hard to improve the quality of your skin, and toning the skin will allow for optimal absorption of all those serums, oils, and moisturizers. One product that boosts the effectiveness of all your other products? Count me in!


Exfoliators are important for improving texture, deeply cleansing, minimizing pore size, and purifying the face! Using good exfoliators can help you achieve baby soft skin with fewer problems such as dullness, blemishes, and blackheads. Some exfoliators are made with tiny beads, sugar granules, ground rice, or other textured scrubs. These types of exfoliators work by buffing out the skin with the scrub by massaging it onto your skin with small, circular motions. Other exfoliators include chemical exfoliants, which achieve the same goal by using chemicals to rid the skin of buildup, sebum, dirts, and dead skin. No matter which type of exfoliators you decide to try, you can rest assured that your skin will be kissably soft, and appear brighter, clearer, and more full of life!

Skin Brightening

Skin brightening is a popular demand! Want your skin to appear more luminescent? There are tons of ways to brighten the skin, and using the right skin care can help get you there! Using brightening serums is great way to get started. Look for serums that promise brightened tone, skin whitening, added radiance, and luminosity. Ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin E will help to support skin brightening! Bright, clear skin looks fresh, youthful, and healthy, and can help you achieve that radiant, lit-from-within look without using highlighting makeup. Feed your skin the nutrients it needs, and it will glow with health and beauty!

Anti Aging Skin Care

Starting right now, you can prevent many of the signs of aging from creeping up on you. That’s great news! There are many new products that promise such things as treating and preventing fine lines and wrinkles while evening out and brightening your skin, allowing you to keep or regain your youthful radiance. You can improve your elasticity, and keep you skin nice and firm. There is a lot of science behind the anti-aging craze, but we won’t go into that right now! Suffice it to say that if you choose some the products we recommend and use as directed, you will see favorable changes in your skin that will help you keep your glow for life! That’s a win!


Let’s face it: we all get pimples, and we all hate them! It’s just a part of being a human, and it is one of life’s great equalizers. The good news is that those blemishes can be treated, and even prevented. If you are blessed with a naturally beautiful complexion with just the occasional flare up, then your plan of action is pretty easy and straight forward. Count your blessings! Some people struggle with some serious acne issues, which can be a serious blow to a person’s confidence. If you are in this category, take heart! There is hope for you to have a beautiful complexion that glows with health. Your plan may be a bit more involved, often requiring the help of your dermatologist. We have information that will help you find your way to freedom from acne with a great skin care plan of action! Don’t sweat it!

Skin Care Technology

Skin care technology is ever evolving and exploding in the beauty market. Just about any skin concern you have can be treated with all kinds of lasers, microdermabrasion, and ultra sound treatments. There are gizmos and gadgets galore for temporary lip plumping, facial exfoliation, and teeth whitening! Micro needling for encouraging collagen and for deeper product absorption, fillers for long term plumping of the lips, and home light therapy designed to treat everything from acne to fine lines. All of this and so much more! Get ready to get tech-ed out!

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, we feel your pain. It’s so frustrating when a product irritates and inflames your tender skin, especially when it’s supposed to be designed to give you better skin! Sometimes your sensitive skin can be prone to allergic reactions to certain ingredients in a product, and that is frustrating as well. We are on a mission to find the best and most natural, hypoallergenic products that will be less likely to cause anything but positive changes, giving you a flawless, even toned, glowing complexion!

Dry Skin

Dry skin is one of the most common skin types. The good news is that many skin care products target your specific skin type, so you have lots of choices for treating your dry skin from head to toe; including any dry scalp issues you may have. We will give you home remedies, natural products, and main stream name brands so that you can choose your favorite approach to taking care of your dry skin. No more flaking! Gorgeous, radiant skin can be yours!

Oily Skin

Oily skin can be prone to breakouts and can often look greasy or shiny, but it also ages much more slowly than other skin types due its higher moisture content. That’s a win! With the right skin care, your complexion can be the best of the best: glowing, clear, and flawless. We have all the info you need to amplify the beauty of your gorgeous, dewy complexion. Way to glow, girl!

Pampering your skin with a beautiful skin care routine can feel luxurious, nourishing, and relaxing. Treat yourself to clear, bright skin, and a mini spa session each day!

Enjoy putting your best face forward, beauties!



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