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Optimism It is quite widely acknowledged that the woman who maintains a optimism in her lifestyle not only appears more youthful but experiences a more satisfying and joyful lifestyle. Her social life is richer, filled with people with positive attitudes. She is involved in community and church work that benefits the struggling or forgotten members of our community….

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Walk With Me

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Walk With Me Hope, optimism, resilience, enthusiasm and motivation are reflected in the lifestyle of the woman with a positive attitude. Walk with me as we learn to emulate her beautiful traits. She has learned to accept the things she cannot change while still working to change the negatives that keep trying to enter into…

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Positive Mental Attitude

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 Positive Mental Attitude A positive mental attitude fills our lives with energy, joy and great experiences. The person with a positive attitude is attractive, winsome and influential. Positive living can change our day; it can change our lives and our lifestyles.  It is worthy of cultivation. It is a goal worth seeking. And you can…

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Stress Management Top 5

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Stress Management Top 5 Stress has become the go to state in this crazy hectic world. This stress management top 5 is meant to help us eliminate the word stress from our vocabularies and it’s effects from our lifestyle. Life is to be enjoyed and fully lived. We don’t need to waste it on stressing out about…

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Resilience Aging-Well does not mean the denial of age but rather to be able to live each day that we are given with the vitality of youthfulness, resilience,  and the wisdom and grace of maturity. There will be wonderfully exhilarating days and there will be days of darkness and sorrow. Through the years we must…

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Positive Attitude Quotes

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Positive Attitude Quotes Aging well is a goal worth the all the effort. Aging well begins decades prior to being fifty or sixty. Aging well includes practicing good health habits, making right choices, having a positive attitude, building character and strong relationships. These goals are not accomplished overnight. We are the product not only of…

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Positive Attitude Can Be Cultivated

positive attitude can be cultivated, makeup, makeup tutorials

 Positive Attitude Can Be Cultivated A positive attitude can be cultivated into your lifestyle, and that is great news if you are suffering from persistent negativity. Using the more positive expression “Aging Well” rather than Anti-Aging as the ongoing subject for living life to its fullest and looking our best at any age, let’s consider some things that might…

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Examples of a Positive Attitude

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Examples of a Positive Attitude The power radiated by those who are living a lifestyle filled with examples of a positive attitude is incalculable. A person with a positive attitude is attractive, winsome, and influential. Possessing a positive attitude can change your day and influence all those with whom you come in contact. It is worthy of…

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How to Have a Positive Attitude

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How to Have A Positive Attitude Let’s face it, a how to have a positive attitude is something we’d all love to know! As women, most of us would agree we want to be as attractive as possible. And no doubt about it, a lifestyle that includes a healthy body and a positive attitude would be considered…

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Date Ideas

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Date Ideas So you’re looking for some great date ideas that fit well into today’s lifestyle? Have you finally found that special someone who gets your heart all fluttery, and you need some first date ideas that are sure to let her know you think that she’s special, without making her feel it’s too much too soon. Or perhaps…

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