Meal Prep Ideas

meal prep ideas, meal prep

Meal Prep Ideas Finding coming up with meal prep ideas to be daunting, if not completely overwhelming? I would love to be one of those organized, perfect, over achieving fitness pros. I would love for my Instagram to be filled with pictures of my emaculate refrigerator and washboard abs. I have dreams and aspirations of becoming a bendy yogi,…

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Eating Clean Diet

eating clean diet, makeup, makeup tutorials

Eating Clean Diet Have you heard about the eating clean diet, she says tongue in cheek. Of course you have! Especially if you follow any social media or are interested in fitness and nutrition. Which, again, of course you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this, right? If you want to change your health for…

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Gluten Free Crackers

gluten free crackers, makeup, makeup tutorials

Gluten Free Crackers If you are looking for some homemade gluten free crackers that actually taste amazing, then you have made the right stop! Unlike so many gluten free offerings that leave most of the goodness to the imagination, these are delicious! Do yourself a favor and check out this gluten free cracker recipe! You’re…

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Almond Milk Ice Cream

almond milk ice cream, makeup, makeup tutorials

Almond Milk Ice Cream I am jumping up down with joy and excitement right now! Why? You might think I’m crazy to be so excited over my new almond milk ice cream.  That is unless you are a fellow “can’t have dairy” person. Perhaps dairy makes you feel like you might die, or maybe you are vegan or…

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Clean Eating Shopping

clean eating shopping, makeup, makeup tutorials

Clean Eating Shopping Clean eating shopping made easy! Good for you! Nutrition is the key player in your fitness and nutrition plan, and a good eating clean meal plan can set you up for great success. Your body will thank you in a million ways! To get you started on what to buy on your clean…

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Vegan Pizza

vegan pizza, makeup, makeup tutorials

Vegan Pizza Oh my gosh! Check out this amazing and easy vegan pizza that has my mouth doing the happy dance! I have to eat gluten free and dairy free, and this gluten free pizza recipe has got it going on when it comes to fitting my nutrition needs. This is one of my favorite…

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Organic Milk

organic milk, makeup, makeup tutorials

Organic Milk Hey babes! Get ready for a showdown: organic milk versus regular milk! Let’s find out which is better! Check out my video tutorial to find out what kind of milk I prefer to drink in order to keep my body in a good healthy balance. If you have been wondering why organic milk…

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Pancake Recipe

pancake recipe, makeup, makeup tutorials

Pancake Recipe Looking for a pancake recipe that won’t blow up all of your fitness and nutrition goals that you work so hard hit? Can you believe that these pancakes Emmy is about to show you are actually a part of her clean eating plan and will actually work for you and not against you?…

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Low Carb Diet

low carb diet, makeup, makeup tutorials

Low Carb Diet A low carb diet can be very helpful for losing those stubborn pounds that just won’t come off no matter what you do. We all have times when, for one reason or another, our normal healthy eating plan just isn’t cutting the mustard for eliminating that dreaded muffin top. You may be…

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Hot Cocoa

hot cocoa, makeup, makeup tutorials

Hot Cocoa Did you know that drinking a mug of hot cocoa every day will improve your lifestyle significantly? It’s true! Really, the consumption of anything chocolate flavored should do the trick, but I firmly believe that liquified and heated chocolate (with a few other ingredients added in there) is the best way to experience it, as…

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