Simple Eyeliner Tutorial

simple eyeliner tutorial, makeup, makeup tutorials

Simple Eyeliner Tutorial This simple eyeliner tutorial is just the thing for this wake up and go just like I am girl. I don’t really do that, but I really try to make my morning makeup routine as painless and as quick as possible. I really do like to look put together and polished, but…

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Brown Smokey Eye

brown smokey eye, makeup, makeup tutorials

Brown Smokey Eye Looking for an easy Brown Smokey Eye? Well then I think you’ll love this makeup look!! It’s pretty much my daily go to, if I bother with eyeshadow at all since it looks natural, pretty, and polished without taking much of my morning time. It’s quick and fabulous! What’s not to love about…

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Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

eye makeup for brown eyes, makeup, makeup tutorials

Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes There are lots of choices when it comes to eye makeup for brown eyes. You are lucky because you have lots of choices for the colors that you can wear on your beautiful brown eyes. I have always thought it would be fun to have exotic green eyes, or sparkling…

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Perfect Winged Eyeliner

perfect winged eyeliner, makeup, makeup tutorials

Perfect Winged Eyeliner This perfect winged eyeliner makeup look is on FLEEK! Not only that, you can do this! It might take some practice, but you can learn to master this beautiful look! Believe me, if I can, you can. This is definitely my my easy daily go to, but I love to rock it…

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Eyeliner For Small Eyes

eyeliner for small eyes, makeup, makeup tutorials

Eyeliner For Small Eyes Yay for all of those gorgeous eyeliner makeup looks for those girls with big eyes, but what about eyeliner for small eyes? What’s the big deal anyway? Just because big pouty lips are trending, does not mean your normal to small size lips are no longer desirable, right? Trends sometimes send perfectly…

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eyeliner, makeup, makeup tutorials

Eyeliner Turns out those ancient Egyptians were on to something when they added eyeliner to the world of makeup. Who knew that people through the ages would continue to outline their eyes in various ways to enhance the beauty of the eye? Actually, it wasn’t only beauty that the ancients were after. Eyeliner was a…

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Awesome Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

awesome makeup tips for brown eyes, makeup, makeup tutorials

Awesome Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes Ready to play up those gorgeous peepers with these awesome makeup tips for brown eyes? I have brown eyes. Actually, my eyes are a golden brown with a reddish brown center, and a hazel/green ring around the outside. What shade of brown are yours?…

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Eyeliner Styles Made Simple

eyeliner styles, eyeliner ideas, makeup, makeup tutorials

Eyeliner Styles Made Simple If you are looking for easy eyeliner styles, then you are talking to the right girl! I am all about simplifying everything, including my makeup application. When life seems overwhelming and way too complicated, I am able to see the bigger picture and find steps to fix the problem. One step at…

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Makeup for Brown Eyes

makeup for brown eyes, makeup, makeup tutorials

Makeup for Brown Eyes Finding the right makeup for brown eyes may seem a bit daunting at first. After all, we all know that brown eyes don’t get the beauty credit they deserve! Brown eyes do, however, have a magical charm all their own. Learning to play them up with the right color combinations of makeup choices…

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Eyeliner Wings

eyeliner wings, makeup, makeup tutorials

Eyeliner Wings Eyeliner wings have been a beauty icon for ages, and for good reason. What better way to add to the captivating beauty of those windows to your soul than to enhance them with a gorgeous and dramatic eye makeup look that can melt hearts and quicken the breath? There are so many ways to…

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