Lemon Water Weight Loss

lemon water weight loss, makeup, makeup tutorials

Lemon Water Weight Loss Is there such a thing as lemon water weight loss? Can drinking lemon water help you lose weight? Let’s take a look and see what we can find out. Lemons and water are both good for you, so perhaps you could hold your own experiment and let us know how it goes. Taking…

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Essential Oils for Depression

essential oils for depression, makeup, makeup tutorials

Essential Oils for Depression Essential oils for depression can really help with the symptoms of this mental health issue, common in our fast paced lifestyle. While it is normal to have ups and downs, if you notice yourself feeling down for more than two weeks at a time, please talk to your doctor. You don’t…

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Essential Oils For Anxiety

essential oils for anxiety, makeup, makeup tutorials

Essential Oils For Anxiety Essential oils for anxiety can definitely help with your body and mind, and is one of the lifestyle changes that can be a part of your treatment plan. If you suffer from anxiety, you are well aware that it is a debilitating condition that can take some of the joy out of…

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Natural Remedies for Dry Hair

natural remedies for dry hair, makeup, makeup tutorials

Natural Remedies for Dry Hair Looking for some natural remedies for dry hair? Do I ever hear that! From the summer sun baked strands to the winter time heaters and drier climates, our hair needs some special attention from time to time. Or all the time if your hair is like mine. There are some…

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Coconut Oil Uses

coconut oil uses, makeup, makeup tutorials

Coconut Oil Uses You could say that I’m cuckoo for coconut oil and for coconut oil uses! Seriously, you will find it in practically every room of our house because we use it for just about everything. I love the pure unrefined virgin coconut oil that you can buy at Costco, but I have recently begun…

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Best Makeup Brushes

best makeup brushes, makeup, makeup tutorials

Want to know some of the best makeup brushes in the business? These makeup brushes will definitely be some of your new go-tos. Makeup brushes can make all the difference in the overall turnout of your makeup, so if you are going to splurge on anything, buying the best makeup brushes available to you can…

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