3 Day Diet

3 day diet, makeup, makeup tutorials

3 Day Diet Hey babes! Get your metabolism revved by kicking off a healthy fitness and nutrition plan with a 3 day diet! Your 3 day diet should not involve anything too extreme, because extreme calorie cutting, or anything too limiting can actually work against you in the long run. Always make sure to consult with your doctor before…

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Quinoa Looking for some great info about quinoa nutrition? We’ve got you covered! All of the nutrition facts plus a wonderful recipe showing you how to cook quinoa. This awesome superfood has tons of health benefits, and it’s even gluten free! That is great news for me and my fellow gluten free diet followers. I am…

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Cooking Quinoa

cooking quinoa, makeup, makeup tutorials

Cooking Quinoa Cooking quinoa can be one of your best nutrition decisions of your day! It is the ancient super grain that can be a great part of your clean eating plan, even if you are gluten free! That’s right! You can enjoy the the full antioxidant powers of this mighty food without the unwanted…

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High Protein Snack

high protein snack, makeup, makeup tutorials

High Protein Snack On the prowl for some good tasting high protein snack ideas that are quick and convenient? Well, then sit back, relax, and go with Emmy on her convenience store haul for healthy snacks. These protein snacks will fuel you up, either before or after you exercise, but these are particularly great for your…

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Cooking Spaghetti Squash

cooking spaghetti squash, makeup, makeup tutorials

Cooking Spaghetti Squash Cooking spaghetti squash may seem daunting and time consuming, and you may be thinking that it is a whole lot of work with not enough payoff, even though it is a great source of nutrition! That’s exactly what I thought too!! I will let you in on a dirty little secret. I…

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Spaghetti Squash

spaghetti squash, makeup, makeup tutorials

Spaghetti Squash Oh my gosh have I ever got a delicious spaghetti squash recipe for you! This is a healthy, low glycemic way to have your favorite Italian dishes while keeping your blood sugar, your waistline, and your energy levels where they should be and following your nutrition plan, If you are gluten free, vegan,…

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Quest Bars

Quest Bars Hey babes! Looking for the best protein bar to fuel up after your fitness workout? I love stashing a protein bar in my gym bag for after a hard lifting session at the gym, or after a tae kwon do training session. My very favorite protein bar to consume immediately after a workout…

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Paleo Pancakes

paleo pancakes, makeup, makeup tutorials

Paleo Pancakes Hey babes! If you want to make paleo pancakes that fit into your fitness and nutrition goals, I have the healthy recipe for you! If you have never tried a paleo diet, here are some things that you need to know. Paleo diet food consists of vegetables, especially leafy greens, meats, and many…

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Gluten Free Pizza

gluten free pizza, makeup, makeup tutorials

Gluten Free Pizza Looking for a delicious gluten free pizza that is also full of nutrition? Look no further! This is even a gluten free dairy pizza, which is great if you are on a gluten free diet and are dairy free like I am. I know that lots of people are choosing to eat…

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Protein Snacks

protein snacks, makeup, makeup tutorials

Protein Snacks Looking for some great high protein snacks on the go? Want some that will fit into your nutrition plan?Need some healthy snacks that you could pickup at, say, your favorite gas station? Here is Emmy with some healthy snack ideas from her latest clean eating gas station haul. Gotta love her!  Protein Snacks Gas station…

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