Lower Ab Workouts

lower ab workouts, makeup, makeup tutorials

Lower Ab Workouts Hey babes! Do you want to learn some awesome lower ab workouts that will target your lower abdominal muscles, and help you build your six pack at the gym? Combine these lower ab workouts along with your fitness and nutrition program, and you will have that bikini body or six pack in…

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What to Eat Before a Workout

what to eat before a workout, makeup, makeup tutorials

What to Eat Before a Workout To make your fitness and nutrition work together, it is critical to learn what to eat before a workout! Having the right macronutrients in your pre workout meal and your post workout meal can make or break your performance during your workout, as well as your rate and efficiency of…

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Best Makeup Brushes

best makeup brushes, makeup, makeup tutorials

Want to know some of the best makeup brushes in the business? These makeup brushes will definitely be some of your new go-tos. Makeup brushes can make all the difference in the overall turnout of your makeup, so if you are going to splurge on anything, buying the best makeup brushes available to you can…

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