How to Stretch Lower Back

how to stretch lower back, makeup, makeup tutorials

How to Stretch Lower Back We all have those times that our lower backs need a little special attention. If you are looking for an easy do yoga routine that will teach you safely how to stretch lower back to relieve tension and pain, then we’ve got you covered! Check out these easy yoga poses…

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Yoga for Energy

yoga for energy, makeup, makeup tutorials

Yoga For Energy Yoga for energy is a great way to get your umph back during the middle of the day and it can be a great part of your fitness and nutrition plan.  Relaxing, yet energizing and great for your health, this 12 minute easy do yoga flow will have the pep back in your…

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Easy Do Yoga Poses

easy do yoga poses, makeup, makeup tutorials

Easy Do Yoga Poses These days we spend so much time on our computers, smart phones, driving, and other things that make us in need of some eased yoga poses to relieve the tension our lifestyle can create in our necks, backs, and shoulders. That tension works it’s way into our whole bodies, making sitting…

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Easy Neck and Shoulder Yoga Routine

easy neck and shoulder yoga routine, makeup, makeup tutorials

Easy Neck and Shoulder Yoga Routine Boy do I ever need to keep doing things to relax the tension that builds up in my neck in shoulders, and this easy neck and shoulder yoga routine is a great one to add to my fitness routine. I love to take time out of my day to…

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Yoga For Sleep

yoga for sleep, makeup

Our friend, Ursula, is going to show you yoga for sleep as a way to relax and destress. Fly away into relaxed slumber and sleep after an exciting day, or a stressful day or whatever the day has brought you. Your busy lifestyle calls for a quiet time out every day. Your body needs to let go of…

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Beginner Yoga Routine – Evening

beginner yoga routine, makeup, makeup tutorials

Beginner Yoga Routine – Evening If you’re looking for a beginner yoga routine, you might want to keep it fairly simple and relaxing to start with. In fact, even though many yoga routines are very strenuous and challenging, this one is great for relaxation that will fit nicely into your fitness program. A simple 25-minute relaxing evening…

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Position Yoga

position yoga, makeup, makeup tutorials

Position Yoga Position yoga is restorative and beneficial to your body, mind, and spirit. I have been incorporating restorative yoga into my life for the past two years and the results have been amazing. Reading my Bible and praying have always been my source of life. I have found that incorporating restorative yoga into my…

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Yoga Journal

yoga journal, makeup, makeup tutorials

Yoga Journal How to Keep a Yoga Journal Hey babes! Can keeping a yoga journal help get you to your fitness and nutrition goals? If you want to dive more deeply into your yoga practice, keeping a yoga journal to track your progress can be extremely beneficial for the growth of your flexibility and strength,…

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Yoga Challenge

yoga challenge, makeup, makeup tutorials

Yoga Challenge Achieve higher levels of fitness and nutrition naturally by trying out our yoga challenge!! Yoga is beneficial for the mind and body, as well as your organs and spinal alignment. Once you start getting into the swing of your own personal yoga practice, you will feel refreshed and energized, as well as strong…

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Yoga 10 Benefits

yoga 10 benefits, makeup, makeup tutorials

Yoga 10 Benefits This list of yoga 10 benefits is brought to you by research and by our own experiences. Fitness and nutrition are passions of ours, so we love to bring all of our best discoveries to you! Studies coming out of Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins are proving that taking daily time for breathing in the…

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